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Our providers and the plans offered are verified and approved annually by Washington State officials at the Department of Financial Institutions to ensure they comply with all Retirement Marketplace requirements.


After two decades working in larger financial planning firms, we saw a need for a different approach—one that valued relationships over transactions. Aspire Capital Advisors is an independent, Washington based, Registered Investment Advisory (RIA).


Finhabits has a perspective that is unique among financial companies. They know that many families don’t often talk about building good money habits – and that leaves many people at a disadvantage when it comes to investing and saving for their retirement. By offering a simple, easy-to-access service, Finhabits wants to make good financial habits the new norm.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to invest smartly. Finhabits’ technology, based on cutting-edge infrastructure, gives you easy access to low-cost investing and retirement savings options. They watch out for every customer by monitoring accounts daily, rebalancing portfolios when needed, and reinvesting dividends automatically.


Saturna Trust Company, located in Bellingham, offers low-cost administration and recordkeeping services designed to meet the needs of businesses and sole proprietors that offer or would like to offer qualified retirement plans to their employees.  Our goal is to reduce the administrative burden for the employer, while providing convenience and transparency in operating the plan. A fully online platform, customizable plan design, dedicated customer service representatives, and a wide variety of investment options are examples of the features included with our bundled retirement plan services.


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The Small Business Retirement Marketplace is administered by the Washington Department of Commerce as established in RCW Chapter 43.330.730-750. Plans carried on the Retirement Marketplace are verified by the Department of Financial Institutions and/or the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to meet the requirements set forth in RCW 43.330.732(7) and 735(6)(a).

Enrollment in plans on the Retirement Marketplace is voluntary. Plan enrollment is managed by private financial services firms. Saving through certain plans will not be appropriate for all individuals. Employer facilitation of most retirement savings plans carries certain legal obligations for which employers are entirely responsible. Contributing to a retirement savings plan may offer tax benefits and/or consequences. Other private sector plans not offered on the Retirement Marketplace may charge lower fees. Consult your tax or financial adviser with questions related to investments.

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